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Are you feeling like the emotional labour you do is invisible? Like you’re unappreciated in your relationship?

It can feel hurtful and frustrating when the work you do isn’t just not valued but it’s invisible to your partner.

If it’s pushing you to the edge and you wish there was a way to change it, then I can help.

You can sign up now for The Invisible Load signature coaching package. You can learn how to break through old patterns of thinking and create more balance and appreciation in your relationship.

Think about all the unpaid labour you do to keep the household running…

Manage the schedule  >  pay the bills  >  make the kids lunches  >  buy a birthday present  >  call your mum >  get the dog vaccinated >  buy more toilet paper >  bring in the washing  >  call the plumber >  get a quote for pest control >  return the pants that don’t fit >  take cupcakes to school >  clean the bathrooms >  fill in school forms >  book a skin check >  check out health insurance >  pick up a package from the post office >  mow the lawn >  change the towels  >  organise Christmas, birthdays, the tooth fairy… and it goes on.

Why does it feel so hard?

Thinking about everything that needs to be done – Planning – Organising

“There’s just so much to remember”

Managing couple life – Delegating tasks

“I shouldn’t have to ask”

Nagging– Guilt – Shame – Blame – Resentment – Arguments  

“It’s easier just to do it all myself”

Feeling unappreciated – Feeling like the work is invisible

“Am I the only one who sees the undies on the bathroom floor”

Has this happened to you?

You have tried to talk to your partner about your mental workload but your partner got defensive, “I do plenty to help around the house too!”

It’s a touchy issue now.

You don’t like feeling like a ‘nag’.

You don’t want another argument.

So next time you don’t ask. You do the job yourself. It’s just easier that way.

Your mental load expands.

The resentment builds.

You try asking him to do tasks but he takes forever – and then doesn’t do it right.

It’s just easier to do it yourself.

Your mental load expands.

The resentment builds.

You feel like your partner doesn’t appreciate everything that you do.  

You feel like your contribution isn’t valued.

You are losing the connection you once had.

You are avoiding intimacy with your partner.

You sometimes think it would be easier if you separated.

At least then you wouldn’t have to manage your partner on top of everything else.

You’ve reached breaking point.

Good news – it’s not just you.

Emotional labour is the largely invisible but demanding, time-consuming, and exhausting ‘worry work’ that falls disproportionately and unfairly on all women—no matter their economic class or level of education. (Hartley, 2018)

Wouldn’t it be nice if your partner could read your thoughts and truly understand just how much work you do?

It’s not that you enjoy carrying around so much stuff in your head. It’s exhausting and draining.

It just feels like the wheels would fall off if you didn’t do everything.


How you manage the mental load can be a total game changer in your life and your relationship.

I can coach you to apply practical strategies, to help you have the difficult conversations in a new way.

Even if your partner isn’t ready, you can adopt new positive habits.

You can take the next step now.

The most common mistakes women make:

1. Waiting for permission from your partner
Only you can create the life you love. You do not need a permission slip.

2. Thinking you ‘owe’ your partner
So what if they make more money than you?! Waiting for the perfect moment before you allow yourself to be happy is holding you back.

3. Thinking that emotional labour isn’t valuable
It’s unpaid but boy, is it valuable! Even the most successful people in the world need strategies to manage the invisible load.

I have three kids. My husband and I both work and I run my business. 

People say to me all the time, “I don’t know how you do it all!”.

The reality is: I don’t.

I don’t do it all. 

If I carried all the mental load of family life in my head as well, I would burn out.

I would feel resentful and my marriage would suffer. 

Yet studies have shown, time and time again, that women are carrying substantially more of the domestic duties and accompanying mental load, regardless of whether or not they are in paid work.

It’s time to shift this trend.

If you know you want to make positive change but you don’t know how, I can help. 

You can learn strategies and practical techniques, based on psychological research.

The Invisible Load Signature Coaching Program

You can bring more equality into the home.  With the right strategies we can make it happen together.

Benefits include:

  • Increased recognition and appreciation for the value of the mental load
  • Greater empathy and a strengthened bond as a couple
  • Reduced conflict and stress in the home


  • Time – coaching sessions are designed to fit into your lunch break
  • Commitment – if nothing changes, nothing changes
  • Truth – to be true to yourself, your partner and your purpose in life.


What is the Invisible Load? 

The psychology of the Invisible Load. What does it look like in your life? 

Mindsetthe key to empowerment

The mindset to empower each other and create the headspace you want together

Communication – the key to connection

Effective communication strategies to work through the challenges together

Organisation – the key to productivity

Tools to make managing life as a couple easier

What’s included when working with me:

The program is personalised to your individual needs, so we’ll discuss your personal challenges, lifestyle, strengths and preferences.

Sessions are conducted via phone or videoconference.

Support and expertise:

Discovery & Intention session

During our first session we’ll discuss your personal challenges, lifestyle, aspirations and set intentions.

(1 x 60 minute session)

Weekly coaching sessions

We’ll discuss solutions, strategies and keep you on track.

(5 x 45 minute sessions)

Commitment & Action

Together we will create action steps for you to implement after each session. I’ll also be available for email support between sessions.

You’ll also receive access to The Invisible Load Facebook group:

  • Join a tribe of like-minded couples, sharing what works
  • Receive ongoing support from myself


If not, that is not a show-stopper! We can work one-on-one, to take focused action.

We all need to start with ourselves, where we are right now.

It’s time to stop wishing it was easier and find the courage take the next step – for ourselves and to provide positive role models for our children.


Nothing is holding you back except you.

It’s your time.

Ready to find out pricing?

I only have limited places available so act now if you want to secure your spot!

Simply pop your email in and I will send you more information now.


How does the package work?

When you sign up you will receive an email from me with all the information you need. You can book in for a time that suits you and I will be in touch within 24 hours to say hello and confirm your preferred method (teleconference or video conference).

We/I work full time. Are you available on evenings or weekends?

I do offer coaching sessions on weekends and evenings, however places are limited so I encourage you to book in as early as possible.

What if my partner isn’t ready to have this conversation?

This is a common challenge for many women. I have coached many women to make positive changes and I can help you too. You don’t need your partner’s permission to make changes in your life.

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